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International Strategy Consultant, Speaker & Investor

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Jan Sturesson

A “C-suite” focused consulting brand, it concentrates on innovative business strategies and leadership development. My clients are “glo-cal”: global & local and include private companies, cities and international organizations. A common key question is how to find the way to the future, linked to current societal trends and developments. This is about strategic knowledge navigation.

Responding to these questions is a complex knowledge process which requires authentic, humble and bold leaders. Leaders who will lead ahead of the game. My aspiration and mission is to inspire “C-suite” leaders to anticipate, perceive and create a desired future based upon strong vision, passion and mission.

Value proposition:

  • CO-CREATE new knowledge and skills with my clients – applying resilient and deeply rooted values sourced from applied wisdom
  • Designing new processes for better strategic NAVIGATION using new innovative knowledge mental maps, creating competitive advantage for the future
  • CHALLENGE mature, courageous, yet humble clients to better lead in essential and emerging IN-BETWEEN SPACES

Client promise:

  • Strong personal engagement with responsibility
  • New energizing knowledge and perspectives
  • Honest and transparent dialogue

Before starting RESTING, I was a partner of PwC and served as the global leader for government and public services. My responsibilities covered all work for public and non-profit clients, including international organizations such as: UN, EU, World Bank, IMF and NATO. During my time at PwC, I collaborated a great deal with WEF – World Economic Forum.

In addition, I was a member of three (3) Global Agenda Councils: 1. Future of Urbanization, 2. Future of Government and 3. Future of Global Governance. Another collaboration partner was The New Club Of Paris – an international research based organization focusing on intellectual capital and innovation.

Each new assignment has been an opportunity to serve, innovate and to share responsibility for a more purposeful future!

Strategy Consulting

Strategic Navigation —> Position, Direction & Speed

  • Social Intelligence – Analyzing trends and drivers within society with a focus on emerging issues, industries, technologies and new in-between spaces. The arenas of emerging digital technologies and urban futures hold a special place in my heart …
  • Strategic Scenario Planning – linked to: vision, mission, values, brand and action plans within a holistic approach
  • Orchestrate competitive business models and unique innovation ECO systems

Leading Change —> Mindset, Business models and Skills

  • Energizing new perspectives and inspiring new mental maps and business ideas
  • High level strategic systemic thinking, together with hands-on road maps
  • Fostering and enabling a culture of imagination and innovation, applying rapid prototyping for best option in opportunity space

Leadership development —> Inject Energy into Authentic & Serving Leaders

  • Creating the leaders of the future today by shifting from:
    • boundaries to in-between opportunity space
    • knowledge to knowing to the unknown
    • management to leadership to flow
    • profit only to purpose & meaning in life
    • managing from the top in the background to leading from the front and serving from underneath
  • Team leadership – TEAM =Together Everybody Accomplishes More…


I’m passionate about a range of international speaking opportunities developed through many years of C-suite consulting and leadership training. See videos clips below.

Specialist speaking topics in my ‘FUTURE’ series include: The Future of…

  • Leadership – leading in-between…
  • Social intelligence – from reactive sea charts to interactive digital data lakes
  • Key trends impacting society today and in the future
  • Trends – from mega to giga to terra trends impacting society
  • Knowledge navigation – when the map changes the landscape – the power of anticipate and perceive foresight
  • Digital technology – it’s impact on growth, jobs and skills
  • Government and value co-creation
  • Cities of the future – from knowledge cities to city brains and wise places
  • Smart cities – Innovative free zone or digital prison
  • Villages of the future – Rurbanization and territoryzation
  • State and city owned companies SOEs
  • Industries, sectors and functions
  • Innovation ECO system & entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable regional growth and development – the new multi capitalism…
  • Strategic board work and strategic agenda setting – good governance in practice

All topics are presented “in colour” with an international outlook, in-between approach, new perspectives and dimensions, creating a base for reflections and practical applications.

Examples of speeches delivered, giving motivation and vision for the future:

  1. Skills for industry conference european commission
  2. Dubai Knowledge Summit 2022 – Future of the knowledge economy and world of intangeable
  3. New York -Sweden Chamber of Commerce; The new holistic capitalism
  4. Future of Procurement, Cape Town South Africa
  5. Cities of the future, Sidney, Australia
  6. Innovation for a nation, Windhoek, Namibia
  7. Digital skills – MC of 5 EU Commission seminars in Brussels, Belgium


My investment philosophy is about adding value to entrepreneurs and society through active engagement and passion for the future. My focus is:

– StartUps
– Tech Focus

The most exiting investment right now are:

  • SwiftCourt – Legal and FinTech Industry— Sweden
  • Zero1 – High Tech Industry (Li-Fi) – Luxembourg/Dubai

Board Work

Over the last 20 years I have served on many boards in different sectors and industries. My contributions have focused on:

  • Corporate governance issues – roles and relationships between owner, board and CEO
  • Strategic board work including board evaluation – structure, agenda and processes
  • Advisory board orchestrion – external input with a multi- knowledge approach
On Going
  • University of Lund – Dept of Economy, Member advisory committee – Sweden
  • Brightec Group – Chairman of advisor board
  • ICCC International – Sweden – Chairman
  • Swiftcourt – Sweden – Board member
  • Space – Finland – Board member
  • Zapmeet – Norway – Charman of the board
  • EEIG – Chairman – Belgium – PwC owned European consulting company working for EU Institutions
  • New Club of Paris – France – Chairman advisory board
  • PwC Sweden – Chairman of the client committee
  • Medicon Village – Sweden – Advisory board member
  • Global Forum – Committee chairman – Most sustainable city award
  • Global Challenge – Sweden – Board member
  • Scandinavia Publishing House – Denmark – Board member
  • Prinfo Team Offset – Sweden – Chairman
  • Hyllie Park Holding – Sweden – Chairman


To date, I have had the privilege to think, explore and write about different topics, all carrying a seed for a new, better and preferable future… The result has been a multitude of articles, reports and books either as author or co-author.


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Reports & Books

The Future of Knowledge: A Foresight Report 2019

Future of Knowledge – a foresight report

Cities as a launchpads for digitalization

Connect With Me

Jan Sturesson
Billeberga, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)70 569 37 37
E-mail: resting@jansturesson.se