The Future of Knowledge: A Foresight Report 2019

The main purpose of this report is to assist country leaders in preparing their citizens for the future knowledge landscape and equipping them with adequate skillsets.

It aspires to encourage proactive leadership among all nations to ensure the sustainable continued re/upskilling of workforces. The continued emergence of new technologies forces both employers and employees to continuously adapt to new systems and processes.

By using real-time data to assess future fields of knowledge, political leaders and supporting stakeholders will be able to envision the future needs of their citizens in an objective and efficient manner. 

To this end, this report presents the latest findings of the ‘Future of Knowledge’ series, which uses an innovative knowledge measurement tool to analyse big data and evaluate awareness of skills and technology in 40 countries. A Digital Intelligence Platform allows for the development of the Global Technology Awareness Index (GTAI) and the Future Skills Awareness Index (FSAI), to support the findings of the Global Knowledge Index (GKI). This allows the reader to compare the awareness levels of different countries and to identify best practices in terms of technological advancement and future skills development. Similar to last year’s pilot, this report assesses the awareness of 40 countries, grouped into four clusters based on GKI 2019 findings.